1. Contact Stellar Condos 587-990-4583 at least 7 days prior to the move to book a time and make a payment.
  2. All moves are supervised, and the cost is $50/hour to have a security person present, minimum 2 hour booking. Payment must be made in advance to secure your move in time. 
  3. Residents must always follow the direction of the security person.
  4. The move in time should be booked no less than 7 days in advance. 2 hours is enough for 95% of people.
  5. No moves are permitted after 8:30pm.
  6. Damage, or late fees, or additional time from moving is charged back to the unit owner - not the tenant
  7. Late charges are applied as appropriate. Every additional half hour counts as an additional charge.


These rules were developed to:

1. Protect the safety of residents.
2. Ensure the condition of the building is maintained.
3. Allow proper access to the elevator.